Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!! So much to be thankful for...

So it is Thanksgiving. First I would like to wish each of you and your familes a wonderul day full of family, food, friends, football and fun! I hope this Thanksgiving is the beginning of a prosperous, peaceful holiday season. Remember - Jesus is the reason for the season and may God bless you and yours.

I have so much to be thankful for this year. I am healthy, loved and still employed. So far so good! I have been a bit reflective the last few days. Please indulge me for a few minutes. Yesterday was a delightful day. I had a date with my favorite four year old. We started with his 2009 Christmas picture photo shoot. I think this is the winning picture:
After the photo shoot - we had a date. Dates are quite frequent with this little man and I. It starts with lunch at McDonald's where Auntie always asks on teh way..."Do you want chicken or chicken?" To which he answers I want chicken and then proceeds to giggle and tell me they are the same thing! Duh! So off we go to have chicken with caramel sauce for dipping. On one of our dates he was being silly and dipped his chicken into the caramel sauce for the apples. Being the auntie and not the mom - of course I allowed him to make the chicken just a little less healthy! The result - he only dips in caramel now! ;)

After chicken - we are off to Target. We have a shopping routine - we hit the dollar spot, then the movie aisle where he selects a movie which is a maybe - you see - he gets one pressie when we have a date si the movie might be it - but we are not sure yet. Auntie does a little shopping as we make our way back to the Thomas aisle where we peruse the selections and determine if a Thomas train will outrank the movie (which is usually a Thomas movie!). On this day - a new set of wooden tracks outweighed the movie selection. Auntie completes her shopping while Jamie is fascinated with the new toy.

On this day, we returned to his home to wait for the party. You see - it was Spencer's 8th birthday and his party was coming soon! Which brings me to the next awesome part of my day! Celebrating 8 with this little pirate:
Tomorrow tune in for a recap of the phone call I received on the evening of Tuesday, November 24. The party was very fun - great food, lots of family and so much laughing that my belly hurt!! Happy Birthday Sweet Spencer J! I love you!

I also have a Thanksgiving toot! I was lucky enough to be selected for the Design Team for Treasured Scrapbooking. The new team will be in place from January 2010 through June. Thank you Miss Erin for having the confidence that I can represent your new Scrapbook kit club. I am excited to see the changes you will bring and honored that you included me in the talented new team! Here is a list of Treasured Scrapbooking Winter/Spring 2010 team:
Julie Walton- DT Coordinator Extraordinaire
Eva Dobilas- Card Designer
Ginger Graham
Morag Cutts
Elizabeth Carney
Jenni Smith
Lisa Woodhart
Pauline Dirrig (Polinka)
So excited to work with these girls!! I can't wait to see the December kit because the peeks look awesome. AND - I am way over teh top excited for January!!

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