Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What Chocolate Cake????

Another layout from the March Treasured Scrapbooking kit. This kit was so versatile - all the pages I created seem to have a different look. I love when a kit allows you to create unique pages. While the March kit is sold out - you should hop over and subscribe so you are guaranteed an April kit - I know what is going to be in it and trust me....it's going to be another winner!!
Is it any wonder that this kid has stolen my heart??? Oye Vey - he brightens my world! I appear to be obsessed with my punches and the art of creating layered flowers - it is so fun!

How fun is this cork too - I picked up a four pack of cork tiles on clearance at the hardware store - I think it was $1. Couldn't wait to incorporate it into a layout. Look for more in teh near future! How cool will it be with my signature cardboard!
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BabyBokChoy said...

It appears that you are obsessed with your punches and making layered flowers!! LOL. Okay, several thoughts, LOVE LOVE LOVE the way you did your ribbons on the left hand side, heart it, I might try it, ugh, I'm just not a ribbon girl, lol, and that requires sewing, can I get my lazy butt into the basement? Now, onto punches and flowers. I buy Martha's punches by the dozen, not funny. I bought a couple of those flower punches and I seriously haven't used them, so your layout really is inspiring me. I will solemny promise that I will put my flower punches and layering of flowers to use soon. I will Lisa, I want you to call me out if I don't post something with layered flowers in the next two weeks. I cannot spend that much money on punches and NOT use them!!! ugh!!!!

Liz said...

Another Masterpiece that belongs in the museum... It's so purrrrdeee