Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Garage Sale Woes

So the pricing was too overwhelming for me. My good scrap pal Val is my saviour. I found I couldn't be objective so I had 2 huge boxes of stuff I got to her and she is going to price it for me. We are probably not going to go over $5. She is going to break it down, bag it and tag it. I told her she could have anything she wanted for her troubles. Since I have a SERIOUS purchasing issue - she was excited to dig through it and do it.

Then I received the e-mail...You have a lot of stuff here - this is going to take some time. YIKES - I feel so bad, but she is such a great friend - called her and she is sticking with it. She also found some treasures she had been looking for so it was a win win. (kinda - ok more win for me)

When she saw the boxes - she was like - OMG - we are sharing a table at the GS. she said she had maybe 1/4 the amount of stuff for sale!

The GS is this weekend so we shall see what happens. The bottom line - all of the stuff has been sitting in a back bedroom and would still be there next year so if it brings some credit at my LSS then I am that much further ahead and hopefully someone else is excited to use it. I do not want anything back so what does not sell is going to the elementary school as a donation.

This has been a sickening wake up call for me. I need to get a grip and am putting myself on restriction. Studio calico and Work In Progress kits only. No additional purchases for me.

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