Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's Pug Wednesday and another card

Today is Roxy's favorite day. Every Wednesday she goes to the groomer. We call it Pug Wednesday because I have to go into work a little later to drop her off at doggie daycare.
Roxy looks forward to Pug day because she gets to spend the day with one of her favorite people. Miss Collette owns Gigi's pet grooming. She is a second mom to Roxy. Whenever I go out of town, Roxy goes to stay at Colette's house. Collette has lots of kids and they love to play with Roxy.

Wednesdays are more than a shampoo-set, mani-pedi for the pug. We also call it doggie daycare day. Since Roxy and I live alone, when I go to work each day - Roxy spends a lot of alone time. Going to doggie daycare allows Roxy to play with other puppies all day long. When we get home, she is whiped out. She flops on the cool tile and that is that. Down for the count. I know it sounds crazy to some, but Roxy is my only baby and $15 a week is pretty cheap compared to child daycare!!

I also wanted to share another card I created.

I love to repurpose cardboard!

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WriterGirl said...

these cards are great. Love the cardboard!