Thursday, July 30, 2009

LEO #12 Crazy Silly Goofy Nut Boy

This was the "Get out of the box" Challenge! Very fun and challenging. I am a lumpy bumpy kinda gal and this layout is flat. Almost paper only, but at the end - I had to glitz it a bit with some stickles!
I cannot believe there are only 3 more LEO's left! My personal goal is to complete every challenge. So far so good. I think the next two will be fine as one posts today and is due on Saturday morning. Then one will post on Saturday and be due on Monday. If I have some weekend time - I know I will get it done. The challenges posted on a week day and due on a week day are the hardest for me. I am usually pretty much toasted when I get home at night. I am absolutely a morning girl. I go to sleep early and wake up before the roosters crow. In fact - this challenge I did yesterday morning before I got ready for work. I have had such a great time being challenged every other day. I am looking forward to the Construction Challenge coming up for August at Willow Traders.
Have a fantastic Thursday!

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emelyn said...

Love the title work on this...great job using up so many alphas!!