Wednesday, September 2, 2009

LEO #1 Lift a Layout from the July LEO Gallery

The LEO Challenges started yesterday!!
Challenge number 1 was to lift a layout from the July LEO Gallery. I picked my favorite Jamie Pate to lift. Here is her layout: And this is what I came up with. There is a funny Story behind this layout. The only thing Jamie (My Jamie) will eat is chicken. So it is a big joke on date night. I always ask him - Jamie - do you want chicken or chicken? He will say chicken. Then I say are you sure your want chicken and not maybe....chicken? Then he giggles and we do it all over again.


Trish said...

I LOVE what you did here--and love that layout that you lifted from Jamie too! I may have to lift you who lifted know what I

Risa said...

Hi Lisa,
Just dropping in to say that your scrapbook pages are awesome! Super awesome layout, terrific pictures and wonderful texture!

jamie said...

ah! make me smile that you lifted that layout. (sure wish i'd taken a better photo of it, however).
you look to be having an awful lot of fun with these layouts of late.
just wanted to check in and say hi!oh...and look how sweet roxy is framed in all that pattern...great job!

Julie said...

i love the story, and the color!! great lift!!!

Nathalie said...

This is too cute! I love the title and the story :)