Thursday, September 10, 2009

LEO #5 Here's lookin at you Kid!

Oh man - Candace picked out some awesome sketches for the LEO #5 - I picked this one:
And here is my Layout:

Now get this - remember the Treasured Scrapbooking Treasure Hunt that I am participating in? Well - believe it or not - I am still in. We are on the last round - only three participants left. We scarp one more layout for First, Second and Third place. Holy smokes - I am tickled to be included still! Tune in tomorrow for my last layout. It is done - just have to photo it. I think I will save it for a WillowTraders Blog hop post which will be tomorrow!


jamie said...

o.k...number one::your doing it again with that cuty-pa-tooty! you and those over the top can so rock it, lady...wanna come over and crop?
number two::i went to that site and did not see a sketch like you have posted there...and wondered if i am in the wrong spot... to get back on task here...i need an all nighter scrap session to get all this creative energy down.

Candace H said...

Gorgeous layout, Lisa, even if it is a sketch from another spot, lol! And hey, sure hope you are sending your stuff to Jillibean (like the one in the post below) for a shot at a guest dt spot! Good luck in the treasure hunt challenge!!!