Tuesday, September 22, 2009

LEO #11 He is Now 4

OK - I cannot tell you how excited I was when Work in Progress had Sassafras lass in the October kit!! First off - Trish is just the best and Jamie is on the Design team - do I need to say anymore about WIP?? Add not only Sassafras lass, but MONSTERS no less and then throw in a birthday for the cutest, sweetest 4 year old I know and yes - I am in my glory!!

LEO #11 was my challenge - Sew Sew Pretty - you had to sew n a layout - machine sew, hand stitch, rub ons or draw the stitches - whatever you please! I machine stitched around the circle and on a piece of red satin ribbon to make the gathered bit at the top.
Here it is!This is all WIP too - I only added the red satin ribbon, the prima pebble and the bling. Go Trish!

1 comment:

jamie said...

Go Lisa!!!
you know why i come here...to get my ego stroked!!!!
but you are guilty of blessing me very often.
one can tell you are having alot of fun with this kit. it's fun to watch you go at it.
enjoy your 90 temps...cause i'm not bitter.