Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Great Blogs for You to Check Out!

I thought I would share some of my favorite daily stops. Awesome blogs that I peruse while I wake up and get ready for work. Ok - the list is really long so I am just going to show you a few today.

Work In Progress - this blog is full of wonderful inspiration, fun ideas, recipes, sneak peeks and helpful hints. I am Trish's number 1 fan - I think she is the coolest lady with the best eye and creates the best kits ever! On top of that - she is an absolute sweetie pie and first class all the way. As a customer, I have NEVER been treated so well. She is conscience, kind and thoughtful. (I am in no way affiliated with her kit club except as a loyal customer!)

Cuttlebug Challenges Love the ideas on the blog itself, but this specific post blew my mind - how clever is this!! Turning a soda can into an awesome elegant embellie! (Not like the fun whimsical angel)The artist, Suzanne Cimini, is super clever!

A Daily Inspiration This blog is super cool. The designers take turns posting a project with full instructions and product sources EVERYDAY!! How cool is taht? They are all very talented too.

OK - that's it for today - I wanted to share my response to a question in the comments yesterday.

Jamie said:
so let me ask you, do you prefer challenges simple and open, or specific like this one was?

I love all challenges - simple and specific. I think the hard part for me is the need to journal a specific topic. This one required me to include this sentence:
"If I were honest with myself..." The first challenge required me to use:
"I wish someone had told me that..." Perhaps the real issue is that I pondered both lines all week long!! The first week I went deep - the second week I pondered deep all week and did not come to a decision on my food fraud layout until Sunday! Can you see anal retentive girl emerging?? Or perhaps I was just fearful of ponying up the real emotions two weeks in a row. :)

So what so you guys think? What types of challenges do you like?


jamie said...

Thanks for the heads up about The Daily Inspiration blog. Never heard of it before. Love blog hopping...you just never know what you are going to find.
And kudos on all you said about WIP. I am partial, being on the team and all. But I loved Trish before I was part of the dt...and it was because of her reputation as a great club owner that I even started buying her kits in the first place.
Great post, Lisa.

Trish said...

Oh LISA!! I've had a really emotional day (I helped throw a huge bridal shower for a close cousin) and this post has officially put me over the edge. I just love you!! You really ARE our #1 fan--and I am YOURS! Thanks for your kind words--they mean more than you know! Hugs my friend!!