Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Oh Poor me!

Somehow I really twisted my back yesterday and am not walking well. OK - I know how it happened - I was trying to carry way too much stuff at once - shame on me. All of a sudden I felt wicked burning across my lower back and dropped everything. I was afraid I had electrocuted myself with my two cell phones and metal belt. It's funny what races through your mind. This is the 4th time I have had LBP in the last 2 months - but this time it is wicked. A girl at work suggested a Chiropractor. They got me in at 3pm yesterday. The Dr. did her tests - told me she was skipping x-rays and sending me to get an MRI - she is pretty sure it is disk issues. So they hooked me up to the electode thingy and then ultra sounded me and sent me home to ice for 20 mintes every hour. I came home and laid down - an hour later I could not get off the bed. The pain was unbearable when trying to stand. Got the ice and did the routine - sometimes it really stinks to live alone - Roxy is not a great nurse. So - no one to bring me the ice pack. It is better today than it was last night and the MRI is at 9:30 this morning. Another chiro appt at 3PM. I don;t know whaat it is but please say a prayer it is fixed quickly!


WriterGirl said...

thinking about you girlie! Sending you get well wishes!

jamie said...

oh, lisa...i would bring you ice and food!!!! i sure hope you feel better soon. tell that roxy to take better care of you.